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Family Celebration


My husband finally got his Underwater Welding certification. I am very happy that he was able to reach this goal. He is very happy for himself too that finally, he can get a good job under the field that he really wants to get into. After months of grueling training and reading his Underwater Welding Guide over and over, he reached his goal. Whenever my husband is able to accomplish something, I make sure that we celebrate. For this success, I am planning to throw a small lunch party for him with my family and his family. He does not know that I told all of them about his accomplishment so I am sure that he will be so surprised to see them all at home with a big banner of 'CONGRATULATIONS' hanging on our wall. My husband does not love surprises because he is caught off guard but I know that he will still appreciate it because I was the one who prepared it for him. It takes a lot to prepare a surprise party.

Last year, on his birthday, I invited his friends and co-workers at home for a drinking and poker night. It was so much fun! Though I had a tight budget, I informed the attendees to pitch in for the drinks and they all agreed. I learned that a celebration does not need to be expensive and that real friends will be willing to help out. I got this habit from my mother who loved to prepare surprises for my father. I do not belong to a rich family but my mom always found a way to surprise my dad with a few flowers she picked up from the road or just a small note that she wrote to encourage my dad when he's having a bad day.